Release 1.0

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Welcome to DCR Portal 1.0
Release Date:
March 22, 2016
  • See all notifications
  • Like! a process model
  • Public page for models and simulations – ability to publish a process model
  • Export a DCR Process Model as a PDF document – new APP called “requirement specification with PDF”
  • Social media integration – share your process model and simulations on social medias such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Ability to see whom you have shared your model with
  • Share a model for read/write – in previous releases process models was always shared for Read only. Now models can be shared for Write, or update, enabling co-authoring models with co-workers
  • Enhanced Friends and Connections
  • Favorites and Like! tab in My Processes
  • Can now make models un-public – failed beforehand
  • On DCR Portal frontpage provide feature overview rather than common activity stream
  • Activity stream mentions tab added
  • DCR Portal - Save-As capabilities added in order to easily create a new version of the same process model
  • Description added for Roles and Groups under Resources
  • Usability enhancements on Resources panel
  • Ability to resize swimlane window for simulation
  • DCR loading icon
  • Model Filters on Tool Enhanced and moved to Side bar
  • Simulation Tasks Enhanced with filters and collapse/expand of groups
  • Icon for activity stream for a process model– on front page
  • Simulations – ability to step backwards to previous step in simulation by pausing simulation, selecting step and resuming simulation
  • DCR Forms beta – use DCR Whiteboard to create forms
  • Bug Fixing to enhance the user experience and stability of the product

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