#DCR Simulator

Public simulations

Using public DCR Simulations you can collect information about the process from users without requiring them to be logged into the DCR Portal.

Setting it up - DCR Whiteboard

The share DCR process model now contains a new option allowing you to share the DCR process model as a public simulation:

SimIT - public simulations

Simply share the above link with any user and ask them to click on the link in their preferred web browser. This page shows up:

Click Simulate to get started.

Enter your name, e.g. "Test User", and select the roles you wish to perform.

Any role not selected will be executed by the Lazy User, i.e. whenever the activity/task becomes enabled and pending it will be executed.

Click Continue to start the simulation:

Execute the task and notice that suddenly Approve will happen automatically as you did not assign a role to this user, so it is executed by the Lazy user.

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Release 7.0.4

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