Online Exercises

In order to ease learning the DCR semantics and concept we have created online exercises that all portal users can take.

Some online exercises are part of our training courses.

DCR offers an academic training course for people at academic instutions as part of our academic alliance.

Creating an exercise

You create a new exercise by choosing the Exercise on the left menu:

Then click the blue Create Exercise button which will show a list of exercises you can take.

Choose an exercise, e.g. 100 - You Must Eat Your Breakfast. This will create your first exercise.

Filling out an exercise

Once the exercise is created you will be taken into DCR Whiteboard.

Notice the new green Exercise button. First click on the button and click Show description:

Here you can read the instruction about the exercise and how you must configure you DCR process. Notice this window is draggable so you can move it to its proper location to avoid overlapping the DCR model.

Now, add the business rules missing in the process, and when done choose Submit to submit the exercise.

When you submit the exercise the DCR Portal validates your exercise and will provide feedback.

If you solution fails to pass the requirements, we will provide you with a hint, in this case an example flow that might not be possible or might be possible but marked as forbidden.

When you succeed the following form will be shown:

When displaying the exercise we show a green checkmark for passed exercises.

The DCR portal monitors your progress and add new exercises once you complete an exercise. We also monitor the number of times you try to submit the exercise but fails to do so, so take care that you're done before submitting the exercise.

Related Release notes

Release 6.7

  • Support for workdays - (P5WD)
  • Japanese language support
  • DMN improvement

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