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Move a DCR Process Model to another organization

If you create a DCR process model in one organization, e.g. the public Community organization, but the process model belong to a specific organization it is possible to move the model to another organization.

In the menu of the process model click Edit-->Resources, then select Organization:

Select an organization that you are member of to move the model.

Notice: You can only move DCR process models from Community and test organizations into customer organizations, not the other way. Also, you must be member of the organization to move the model into that organization.

If the DCR process model is shared with people that are not member of the organization this sharing will be removed.

Related Release notes

Release 6.4

  • Welcome to digital on-boarding and exercises
  • Ability to find certified DCR experts
  • Making it easier for modellers - Use drag-n-drop to nest activity

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