Major Revision of a process model

Every time a change is made to a DCR Process Model a new minor version is saved automatically. Minor versions are maintained for 30 days.

New major revisions can be saved manually and are maintained forever within the system. Creating a new major revision is initiated from the File menu as illustrated below:

Choose Save As Major Revision to create a new major revision of the process model.

Revision History Menu

After clicking above the Save As Major Revision Menu will open:

You can start the wizard as outlined below.

You can enter keywords associated with the major revision, e.g. prod. This makes it possible to retrieve the relevant major revisions that are tagged for final production release. DCR Active Repository returns the tags of the major revisions and supports filtering based on keywords.

Revision History Wizard

When creating a new major revision a wizard is started that displays the differences between the former major revision and current version of the process model is illustrated below:

It is possible to manually mark whether the change is relevant or not using the Relevant checkbox. It is also possible to add a custom comment in the comment box.

The revision history wizard captures the following changes to the process model:

  • Roles
    • New roles added
    • Role updated - description or specification
      • Note: If changing the title of a role it will appear as deleted and created
    • Roles deleted
  • Activities
    • New activities added
    • Activities updated
      • We capture information about the following objects of an activity:
        • Label
        • Purpose
        • Description
        • System Guide
        • Roles associated with the activity
        • Tags associated with the activity
        • Id
        • Computations
        • Data type
        • Grouping type
        • Activity effect
      • Note: If changing the id of an activity it will appear as deleted and created
    • Activities deleted
  • Rules
    • New rules added
    • Rules updated
      • We capture information about the following objects of a rule:
        • Guard
        • Delay/deadline - for condition and responses
        • Description
    • Rules deleted

Related Release notes

Release 6.1

  • Welcome to new logo and design of portal
  • Simulator now support simplified views to ease explaining models

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