The dynamic standard operating procedure provided by DCR enables you to create easy to use dynamic guidelines based on text.

<image - text to model to UI>

Accessing the DCR SOP

You access the SOP from this link:

Enter the form subscription id and view the form.

Example DCR SOP

On LinkedIn we've explained how a covid-19 corona sop could look like (in Danish). You can view the graph here:

Please visit this graph for an example of a DCR SOP.

SOP modelling guidelines

Modelling a DCR SOP and DCR Forms you often end up using include/exclude pairs much more than in classical DCR processes. The 6.6 release of the DCR Portal introduce the new rule, the logical include, which combines include and exclude into one rule. The 6.6 release also introduces the value rule which enables one activity to set the value of another activity. The logical include and value rules are often used in DCR SOP modelling.

Phases - controls the UI


Related Release notes

Release 6.8

  • Introducing DCR Rules Wizard
  • More DMN improvements
  • Subgraphs replacing multi-instance subprocesses

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