DCR Dynamic Effect Package

DCR Solutions provides a dynamic effect package where example effects have been configured for test. The effects includes:

DCR.Sample.WeatherThis effect simply retrieves weather information given a city name.
DCR.Sample.MailSends an email to a recipient. Email address, subject, mail body and optional reply to can be provided as parameters.
DCR.CVRLookupLookup company name from CVR number
DCR.CVRLookup company information from CVR number
DCR.Sample.GatewayAPISends a SMS message to a specified telephone number.
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DCR.DocumotorCreates a document using Documotor api and return a document base64 encoded.

Related Release notes

Release 7.0.3

  • Improved activity editor
  • More FEEL functions - more business value
  • Ability to view who has created revisions

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