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Creating DCR graphs from a CSV file

If you wish to create a new DCR graph and already have data about the process in an Excel sheet or Visio diagram we can help you.

The "CSV Graph Import" app offers you to load roles and activities from a CSV file and add them to a new graph.

The app is available in the DCR AppStore found in the upper right corner under your profile menu.

The CSV files for roles and activities must follow a specific format.


Roles files must have these 3 columns separated by a semi-colon corresponding to the three fields on a role.



Activities must have these 8 columns:.

The Label and Id are found in the Options panel as illustrated below:

Label is the visible name of an activity, and there may be several activities with the same name.

Id is a unique identifier used e.g. when nesting activities or in expressions that refer to the value of an activity.

Description is a textual description of the activity. Purpose is the purpose of the activity. Guide is also a textual description, which is usually used to provide a system guide if the activity requires a human to use an it-system in order to carry out the activity, but it can be used for any kind of additional guidance. Guide and Purpose cannot be viewed in DCR Simulator.

Roles are found under resources and must be a comma separated list of role names that already exists in the graph.

Parent is the Parent activity id of the parent that the activity should be placed under. The field is optional but if provided the activity will be placed under the parent activity.

Purpose, Description and Guide is found in the Documentation panel.

Datatype is the datatype of the activity matching the valid data types found in the DCR portal.

The 8 columns are listed here:


Example files and import

Example files for roles and activities can be downloaded here.

If adding roles to an activity the role must exists before you try to do so.

Importing the two files will create a model like this:

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