Costs in DCR Process Model

In the DCR Whiteboard tool, the option of adding costs has become available.

This feature allows for the cost of an activity to be entered which can then be used as a means of finding the costs of running an process model. In fig.1, the cost of running “Activity that costs $100” is 100. The costs feature does not differentiate between currencies, resources or hours and can therefore be used to track any cost of a process model as long as the cost is consistent i.e. they all mean the same (money, resources or hours)
The costs only allow for whole numbers so no decimals.
Fig.1: The cost feature marked in yellow
As we see in fig. 2, the cost of doing these two activities are added together in the top left corner. These are not in anything specific but is assigned a value (time, resources etc.) by the person making the process model.Fig. 2: The cost of doing these two activities
In the following example, we can see that the cost function has been used to find the amount of time used in order to complete the process model. In fig. 3, we can see that it takes 135 minutes to complete the process of completing an article for and reviewing it. This example is based on the presumption that after the edit, the article is approved. If this was not the case, then we would be able to see the added time when comparing two of these simulations.Fig.3:The process of writing an article for with time as a cost added

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Release 2.1

  • Welcome to costs in DCR models

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