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Certification credentials on LinkedIn

If you want to get recognized for your knowledge about DCR you can show your DCR Certification and Skills to the world via LinkedIn;

Here is what to do:


Go to LinkedIn and Edit your Profile.
Scroll down to and click on Add Certification. Fill in the form:

Certification Name:
DCR Certified Individual (or other level)

Certification Authority:

License number:
See diploma

Certification URL:

Year and Month for attending the DCR Process Modelling Course that relates to the Certificate

Mark: This certificates does not expire

Click SAVE

You can now see your DCR Certificate including the DCR logo on your Linked Profile.


Then go to and click Add Skills on your LinkedIn profile.
Fill in the form with DCR and Add Skill.

DCR is now a part of your Skills and you can ask others to Endorse you for your DCR Skills.

Please note that you can only add up till 50 skills to your Profile on LinkedIn. You can always delete already endorsed skills if they are unnecessary for you.

Related Release notes

Release 7.1.2

  • Edit DMN in Excel
  • Effect Administration

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