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Business rules wizard

Creating business rules is not easy and we often hear that people have trouble understanding the different arrows in the models.

In order to make it easier we now introduce the business rules wizard which makes it easier to understand what rules mean.

The wizard is outlined below:

The label of the two activities, here "fill out expense report" and "paid out" is listed in the upper right corner. Clicking the arrow between them will swap the activities.

On the left side you can select the business rule you want to add.

Once a business rule has been selected the text in the center changes to reflect the meaning of the business rule. Initially this rule will be in English but will support localization later.

Depending on the rule chosen you can enter guard, delay or deadline as well as value. In the example above we have chosen the response rule and provided P7D as the deadline.

Once you click the Insert Rule button the rule is added to your model.

You can click the toggle button to change the direction of the rule.

Related Release notes

Release 7.1.0

  • Updated rules layout

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