#DCR AI Guide

Build your own custom DCR AI Guide service

If you find predictive process monitoring an interesting area, you can build a custom DCR AI Guide to replace the default AI Guide.

The source code for the default DCR AI Guide can be found on github.

When building your own DCR AI Guide, the input for the webservice built will be a DCR XML Log, please see DCR XML Log for more information.

To see an example of a valid request, import this collection to Postman, download the default DCR AI Guide from the Github repository linked above, run the code and send the request to see the output format (a list of recommendations of the next event, with associated probabilities.)

Using the custom DCR AI Guide

To use your DCR AI Guide with the portal, deploy the AI Guide (e.g. to Azure), then go to

  1. Click the user profile in the top-right corner and select ‘Edit Profile’
  2. Toggle the “Use my recommended URL” option on, and paste the URL for the AI Guide in the input field below.
  3. Click update to save, and your AI Guide will be used by the portal.

Related Release notes

Release 5.3

  • Welcome to DCR AI Guide

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